Northern Playground raises 1.6 MUSD through DealFlow

6. May 2022By decisionnodesNews, News, Nyheter, Nyheter

Northern Playground has successfully raised 1.6 million USD from 584 investors through Dealflow AS, a Norwegian platform for equity crowdfunding. “Northern Playground’s vision is to reduce the world’s clothing consumption, and we plan on doing this by turning the entire textile industry’s classic business model upside down. While “everyone” else is telling you that this … Read More

New and completely reworked version of

26. October 2021By decisionnodesNews, News, Nyheter, Nyheter

Over the past two years we have completely reworked in cooperation with Norsk Regnesentral and Bredvid AS, and with the financial support from Innovation Norway. In the latest version of we have developed the first ever web-based decision tree tool that can instantly calculate and visualise decision trees with statistical distributions and milestones. … Read More

Decision making in Covid times – balancing structure and agility

8. June 2021By decisionnodesNews, Nyheter

In the McKinsey & Company podcast series “Inside the Strategy Room”, the March episode focuses on the topic of decision making in the boardroom and what the pandemic has taught directors about high-consequence, low-probability decisions. Covid-19 has introduced more uncertainty and less time to evaluate decision alternatives for most organisations. Under these circumstances, it becomes … Read More

Merry Christmas

23. December 2020By decisionnodesNews, Nyheter

Riktig god jul til alle våre kunder og samarbeidspartnere! Vi håper alle får en flott julefeiring og nyter noen rolige fridager etter et år som har vært alt annet enn normalt. I DecisionNodes har vi de siste månedene hatt mye fokus på steget fra vekst til mer etablert selskap hos de start-up selskapene vi har … Read More

The Viu Bridge

25. March 2020By decisionnodesNews

Our project partner, Schjelderup Trondahl architects, has developed a bridge that is sculptural, sustainable and innovative – and the first milestone was reached this month, with filed patent applications. VIU was developed by Schjelderup Trondahl architects in collaboration with civil engineer Finn-Erik Nilsen (professor at the Oslo University College), Dr. techn K.Apeland AS and DecisionNodes … Read More