The most effective climate change solutions

21. April 2019By decisionnodesNews, Nyheter

DecisionNodes provides services to a wide range of companies, some of which focus on sustainability matters. In this regard it always interests us to read articles about what individuals, industries and policy makers can do to reduce our carbon footprint. The group Project Drawdown has ranked the 80 most effective climate change solutions. Top ten … Read More

Web-based tool to structure and solve complex decision problems

17. March 2019By decisionnodesNews

We have just launched a Beta-release of, an open platform to structure and solve complex decision problems. is designed to reduce the complexity of decision analysis software, enabling more active use of decision analysis methodology and encouraging team collaboration. allows you to sketch out strategies live in a meeting, to test assumptions … Read More

Happy new year!

3. January 2019By decisionnodesNews, Nyheter

Og plutselig er det et nytt år igjen. Godt Nytt år! 2018 har vært fullt av positive overraskelser. Spesielt bra var det å få på plass en erfaren utvikler for videre satsing innenfor verktøy for beslutningsanalyse. Å finne en svært dyktig og erfaren fasilitator og kursholder i Stavanger var heldigvis enkelt. I tillegg var det … Read More

On-campus at UiS

20. November 2018By decisionnodesNews

Great to be invited to the University of Stavanger (UiS) last week and being in front of a group of students as part of the master’s level course: “Economics and Decision Analysis for Engineers”. Many thanks to our cooperation partner Professor Reidar Bratvold for arranging this! The talk was given by our principal advisor Ron … Read More

MiniMeis share issue

20. October 2018By decisionnodesNews, Nyheter

We are happy to announce that MiniMeis has secured financing for future growth through a share issue with new strategic and international investors. A warm welcome to Michael Steinback, Florian Michajlezko, Menachem Winfield, Oliver Titzmann, Simon Joory and Glen Gold to the MiniMeis family, together with Meis Invest which is a grouping of Norwegian entrepreneurs … Read More

Annual petroleum economics conference 2018

8. September 2018By decisionnodesNews

The Annual Petroleum Economics Conference 2018 will be held at Clarion Hotel Air Sola on 25 and 26th of September. This traditional economics conference is your opportunity to get the latest and greatest update from the industry and a unique opportunity to network and meet new colleagues. Meet up with Ada and Ron DecisionNodes partner … Read More

MiniMeis AS “live” at Seedrs

23. June 2018By decisionnodesNews, Nyheter

DecisionNodes har jobbet mye med ulike oppstartsselskaper de siste par årene og investert betydelig med både tid og penger i enkelte av de selskapene vi har funnet kommersielt mest interessante, deriblant MiniMeis AS. Og akkurat nå har MiniMeis gått “live” på Seedrs, Europas ledende Crowd Funding Equity-platform. Her inviterer vi venner, familie, tidligere kollegaer … Read More

Ron Allred joining DecisionNodes in Stavanger

11. June 2018By decisionnodesNews

A warm welcome to Ron Allred who is now joining DecisionNodes. Ron will be situated in Stavanger and is joining Decision Nodes as a Principal Advisor – his wide-ranging experience in the oil and gas industry as well as his expertise in decision analysis will complement the skills already in place within the company. His areas … Read More

Decision analysis software

16. March 2018By decisionnodesNews

dNodes is our new tool for decision modelling. It is based on our best-practices developed over the years of consulting. The tool allows the user to combine state-of-the-art decision-tree modelling with excel. It also includes ready-made modules for different industries and problem situations. Decision analysis software is used to visualise and provide insight to problem … Read More