After Haawal Engineering’s latest share issue in Q1 2023, investors got the answers they needed when the extreme weather “Hans” hit the eastern part of Norway in August.

Roads were closed, and the Drammen River rose dangerously, leaving many holding their breath. The Haawal flood protection system proved to be the savior. The former Nedre Eiker municipality was the first to acquire the new system in 2018. While flood protection had been set up before, it was only during the extreme weather event “Hans” and the subsequent flood that it was put to the test.

“It was reassuring to see our system work. The weight of the water keeps the flood protection stable, akin to a bookend where the weight of books keeps it in place. There has been significant media interest, and now several municipalities have shown interest,” says Øystein Walderhaug, one of the two founders of Haawal Engineering.