Over the past two years we have completely reworked dNodes.io in cooperation with Norsk Regnesentral and Bredvid AS, and with the financial support from Innovation Norway.

In the latest version of dNodes.io we have developed the first ever web-based decision tree tool that can instantly calculate and visualise decision trees with statistical distributions and milestones. This is solved without the use of Monte Carlo simulation which significantly reduces the user threshold and makes it possible to run dNodes.io in a web browser. Milestones can be connected to decisions and outcomes and visually reflect time consequences.

dNodes.io allows you to sketch out strategies live in a meeting, to test assumptions and structure discussions. Project teams and management can experience the power of decision modelling hands-on, through an intuitive, yet powerful application!

A web based tool for decision modelling that allows you to evaluate the trade-off between alternatives, and making sure that risks and uncertainties are identified and addressed. It is easy to use, yet powerful. It is the software of choice for fast growing businesses because it helps executive teams to clarify their strategy and priorities.