Our project partner, Schjelderup Trondahl architects, has developed a bridge that is sculptural, sustainable and innovative – and the first milestone was reached this month, with filed patent applications.

VIU was developed by Schjelderup Trondahl architects in collaboration with civil engineer Finn-Erik Nilsen (professor at the Oslo University College), Dr. techn K.Apeland AS and DecisionNodes AS.

The bridge is designed for many different situations, for long beautiful spans over water and land. The bridge’s expression differs to a great extent from other wooden bridges which normally require large dimensions or upper and lower constructions. Often, other and less sustainable solutions are used instead of wooden bridges for the same reason. VIU can solve challenges and needs many other wooden bridges cannot.

Read more about the bridge here: https://www.viaviu.no/
And about the architects who have developed the concept: https://www.sta.no/

We look forward to the continuation!