A warm welcome to Ron Allred who is now joining DecisionNodes. Ron will be situated in Stavanger and is joining Decision Nodes as a Principal Advisor – his wide-ranging experience in the oil and gas industry as well as his expertise in decision analysis will complement the skills already in place within the company. His areas of expertise are in decision and risk facilitation, decision analysis and modeling, implementation planning and conducting decision analysis, modeling, and value-of-information courses.

A significant percentage of Ron’s working life has been associated with decision analysis – from a wide-eyed neophyte being mentored in the discipline, to being European Director for Decision and Risk Analysis (managing both local and regional groups), to a recognized global resource responsible for developing and enacting decision analysis policy on a company wide basis for ConocoPhillips.

His last appointment held at ConocoPhillips was Europe Capital Projects Portfolio Manager, a position that required structured problem-solving skills, alignment and close cooperation between the projects group, internal departments and key stakeholders to execute the portfolio of projects in Europe.

Ron’s experience allows him to provide a high level of support to company decision-makers and to teams working on decision problems both within and outside of the oil and gas industry.

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