Together with partners Marius Hovland and Knut Søvold, we have started a new company within the reserves management domain. We offer a truly transparent and unique software, a network of helpful professionals and a company trying to Create Change with Impact within the business of Reserves Management. Our long term business associates Olav Øvreberg and Sverre Tresselt is also part of the team!

INsightR is built around a relational database enabling users to store and retrieve current and historical data, as well as production forecasts. INsightR complies with the SPE PRMS and SEC classification systems. The system handles interrelationships between licenses, assets, projects, reservoirs and other key elements. INsightR is modern, intuitive and easy to use - and gives you the required insight to your resource data.

For further information, check out the company website at or contact Marius Hovland (+353 (87) 104 0304), Ada Christiane Rieker (+47 951 82 718) or Erlend A. J. Glømmen, (+47 932 20 490).

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dashboard example

Fetch data from the Database, Views, Web services or Open Data protocols (ODATA) to create stunning real-time dashboards for all user roles. Get instant status of your reserves, production, licenses and/or projects from the comfort of your favourite dashboarding tool, or directly from your company’s intranet.

User Interface example

The architecture and interface is built such that it is possible to customise access, user roles and look & feel of all components of the user experience. Use your company logo, colours and font to get a familiar feel.

Report example

Perform annual, quarterly or monthly reporting using standardised or custom reports.

Customisation example

INsightR is based on a low code framework that enables us to make customer changes in days instead of weeks or months.