Our consulting services take the best practices of decision analysis and adapt them to different sectors and decision settings. We deliver the ability to tackle and solve complex decision situations and engage our clients in exploiting the full value potential of their projects and businesses. 

We can help with project optimisation, screening of opportunities, ranking and prioritisations. Or we can assist you in resolving challenges related to timing, capital constraints, overall risk and strategic fit. We have special expertise in risking of new technologies and estimation of economic value potential on both project and portfolio level.

Consulting areas

optimal decisions

The energy sector is characterised by large and complex projects with long lead times and a unique set of challenges. A good grip on upside and downside risk is essential to properly assess the optimal decisions and expected value of new investments. Decision analysis concepts and techniques are invaluable throughout the lifecycle of oil and energy activities.

unlocking value potential

In most business sectors, development and adoption of new technology is essential for sustained profitability. Proper decision analysis with focus on risk and uncertainty modelling, can help innovative companies to systematically evaluate, rank and unlock technology potential on both project and portfolio level. Finding the right balance between short-term investments and long-term benefits is key.

long term success

In our fast-paced and competitive world, risks are higher than ever. This is a particular challenge for companies looking to create a new strategic direction or facing significant capital investments. Decision analysis techniques and models can assist companies in making sure the right questions are asked and that major risks are evaluated. Basing decisions on human intuition alone can have critical consequences.

transparency and effectiveness

Projects within health care, education and research, defence, transportation and similar are large and complex, limited by tight budget constraints and driven by a large number of internal and external stakeholders. There is a significant upside in such settings by improving the transparency and effectiveness of investment decisions, processes and prioritisations by proper utilisation of decision analysis.

sound investment decisions

Understanding and properly responding to changes in portfolio risk is essential in shaping a sustainable future for a company. Larger enterprises, investment funds and financial institutions all need to systematically manage their portfolio of investments. Models that provide both a single project and a portfolio view is the basis for making sound investment decisions and maximising long-term value creation.

facilitating strategy discussions

One of the main responsibilities of the board, is to assess the overall direction and strategy of the business. The field of decision analysis provides suitable tools and techniques to facilitate strategy discussions. The main objective is to illuminate critical factors of the current strategy and consequences of relevant alternatives. Strategy processes are often iterative and models need to be flexible and transparent.

Work model

From requirements and analysis
to action plan

When faced with problems that are atypical, or where many decisions are interlinked over time, benefits can be gained from using a framework to structure elements and calculate the expected value and uncertainty for the available alternatives. Together with our customers we evaluate the problem, clarify needs, roles and ambitions for analysis to be performed.

Information gathering

A typical workflow begins with identifying all factors that must be taken into account in the work. This could include market trends, competitor analysis, organisational strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and strategic visions and goals. Such a mapping process provides a comprehensive issue list that forms the basis for further work.

Opportunity space

Based on the issue list from the information gathering, the most important decisions and uncertainties are identified. This is systemised so that various alternative strategies can be modelled, analysed and compared in terms of economic potential, uncertainty, time and capital needs.


The analysis considers various aspects of the decision situation with the objective of reaching an overall recommendation. The analysis is almost always interdisciplinary, where data from different disciplines must be coordinated to provide the necessary insight into the decision situation. Good cooperation is essential to understand important connections and to benefit from the collective expertise and experience of the participants.


Discounted cash flow is the general method of economic valuation, and investment decisions are typically taken on this basis. For smaller organisations the development and uncertainty of cash flows can be of vital importance, and other profitability indicators may be relevant depending on the type of decision. A simplified valuation may also be necessary, especially in projects with particularly high uncertainties, limited data basis or little time for evaluation.

Action plan

The process results in a decision proposal and an action plan, in which the participants’ contribution to ensure success in implementation is specified. As new information becomes available, models and analyses are updated and the action plan revised. This ensures that the right decisions will be taken throughout a project or implementation process, where uncertainties are handled in a proper manner.

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We are a small and focused management consulting company. Decision analysis and cross discipline collaboration have been key cornerstones throughout our careers. We have seen how improper analysis can lead projects astray, but we have also experienced how a structured approach to decisions, risks and uncertainties can contribute to sustainable growth for an entreprise. We deliver the ability to tackle and solve challenging decision situations and engage our clients in exploiting their full value potential.